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About Us

Cooler Solutions, LLC (CSLLC) was a dream development, using the old adage find a need and fill it...

Our Founder did just that; he found a need and developed a unique and comprehensive answer to the problem of lifting those heavy water bottles on top of water coolers, while preventing the spread of disease which we can all spread by putting our hands on the water bottle spout prior to placing it on the water cooler. Which is to say that our company CSLLC is based on the ideals of new and exciting breakthroughs in new technology which will benefit general consumer use and quality of life. We look forward to sharing those new projects with you.



Victor Chapa, CEO, President

Leland Witherspoon, Executive VP and COO

Al Sleiman, EX VP, Director

Susan Williams, Director

Stephen Izabal, Director



Contact Us

Telephone: 714-515-5175

28892 Aloma Avenue, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677